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TVD - here we go ...

Okay, so I need to be ready to go out for dinner in 45 minutes so imma make this quick.

O M F G !

Caroline + Stefan;

I absolutely adore them! I just love the interaction between them. I love the way he was so protective of her and looking after her, and the way she just says what she thinks about him. The scene where she say is saying to Bonnie "Have you even done this before?" and he says, "Caroline," in that tone was just hilarious and adorable. Oh, and my favourite was:

C: "Why are you looking at him with your serious vampire look?"
S: "My wha-, my serious vampire look?"
C: " Yeah. I mean, it's different from your worried vampire look - neither of which stray to far from your 'Hey, it's Tuesday!' look."

That scene was sheer gold. I love them together. His interaction with her makes it so easy for me to like him in the scenes, the rest of the time he just annoys me with his presence.

Damon + Elena;

He takes an arrow int he back for her, and then she turns around screws him over? Abusing the hold she knows she has over him to get what she wants? Such a fucking little hypocrite. Seriously, she annoyed me so much in this episode. No one is saying she should just forget about what he did and let it go, what he did was awful to her, but two wrongs don't make a right and her abusing his feelings for her doesn't make her any better than him. She constantly preaches morality and she is suppose to be the moral center of the show, so her manipulating and using him goes against everything she is suppose to stand for.

Of course, I understand that all this drama and hate and angst is necessary for the devleopment of their epic relationship and will make every aspect of them together more intense, but currently my heart is breaking for Damon. Elena doesn't seem to realize that he spends evey day of his life fighting his nature and instincts - which are to kill with or without reason - for the sake of his relationship with her. He fights this internal struggle every day for her, so he can be worthy of her, so when she - & Katherine - threw that back in his face so to speak by rejecting him, of course he was gonna snap and his instincts were going to take over. After all, why fight so hard to be a good person when at the end of the day, you're still alone? I'm not saying he was right to 'kill' Jeremy, but Elena should know him well enough to know he would never have done that without being provoked by something, even if she doesn't know what exactly. He didn't go to her house that night with the intent to kill Jeremy, but she set out that day to get what she wanted - regardless of what she had to do to get it.


As always - BITCH.


As always, boring and judgemental. Fuck you, Caroline's way too good for you.

& that's all I can remember just now, and I sooo need to go before I'm late - bye! <3


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Exam Results :)

So, I got my exam results on Thursday!


I got a C for Higher Modern Studies, Higher French and Higher Administration and I got a B for English!

(although I failed Maths but I don't care cause I hate it and I don't need it anyways because I already have my Standard Grade in Maths)
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Excuse me a minute while I DIEEE!!!

Malese is like my ultimate favourite celebrity ever and I absolutely adore her so this means the world to me!

She was doing a quick Q&A with fans on Twitter and so I asked her what her favourite perfume was (I know, it's random, but I was curious :P) and she relplied to me! I'm actually so ecstatic right now it's not even funny! Ahhhh! *jumps up and down again* !!!!

See Malese's reply/answer here!
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Random Facts ;-)

Suppp duuudes! :-)
So, I am like soo bored and therefore I've decided to share random facts about myself with you in order to let you all know me better. If you want, feel free to post some facts about yourself too and let me get to know you back. My icon thingy on here is of me, so that's what I look like :) Anyways, here we go;

#1. My full name is Jayde-Kaitlyn Gallagher, but no one ever spells it right and it's way to long so I go by Jade now  - four letters and normal spelling, nice and simple :)

#2. I'm Scottish. I was born here and have lived here all my life in a small town just outside of Glasgow called Paisley (any Paolo Nutini fans out there will know that's where he comes from. In fact, the house he grew up in is literally ten minutes from my house and his parents run a chip shop that I go to all the time - it's rather amazing considering how famous he's become. We pass him in the street sometimes when we all go out for lunch during the week because my high school is right in the middle of Paisley.)  Despite the fact that I'm Scottish, I also have very strong connections to Ireland. My dad and his family are all Irish and so I spend the majority of my holidays in Donegal in the South of Ireland. When I go there, I always come back with a full-blown Irish accent. I seem to pick it up quicker than my brothers for some reason, I think my dad's accent leaks into mine sometimes if I spend too much time with him lol.

#3. I have four brothers, three older and one younger. My older ones are Darren, Bailey and Kieran and my younger one is Liam. I actually love them to death. They mean the world to me. We all get on so well, we have such a laugh together, although they can be waaay too over-protective of me.

#4. I have a rather unhealthy obsession with American TV Shows. My current favourite is The Vampire Diaries. I absolutely ADORE Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon and I am a die-hard Damon/Elena shipper (as well as a fully-pledged Bonnie-hater). I also love Gossip Girl (although it's been disappointing me lately), 90210 (love love love Liam/Annie), One Tree Hill (Quinn/Clay FTW!), Melrose Place (Katie Cassidy is just amazing, gutted it was cancelled :[), Lost (OMG, just epic beyond words) and most recently, Pretty Little Liars (Spencer/Wren and Toby/Emily shipper!).

#5. As I mentioned before, I love Ian Somerhalder <3 Just thought I'd mention that again xD

#6. I'm currently in my last year of high school. Last year, I did Highers and Intermediates 2's in English, Maths, French, Admin and Modern Studies. This year I'm doing Art, History, Philosophy and English.

#7. I love to spend my free time vidding. Currently, I only vid for TVD but I'm hoping to start vidding other fandoms soon, like PLL and GG :)

#8. I'm addicted to Twitter, so follow me!

#9. This list at the top of my layout tells you everything I love, so give it a read cause I'm too lazy to type it all out again :P

#10. I'm sixteen ...  can't remember if I mentioned that :)

Anyways, there you go! Anything you wanna know, just ask me in the comments :)